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Monster Hat!
Another photo enabled by my mom, we are testing almost all the hats on the BJDs now lol I asked her to make one for the BJDs like this one with teeth, so after her commissions I hope she will. I want to make a family photo with everyone using this kind of hats 🙂 […]
BJD Pompom!
Another work of my mom we tried on the BJDs for fun. I picked Bill first because it would be funny see a skull on it, but then had to try on Ajit and Madaris as well.
BJD Lace!
My mom made this laces and asked if I wanted to try them on the BJDs, the answer is obvious. I love make this silly photos now and imagine they having fun or complaining lol
Meissa New Wig
This post is late, specially if you follow my IG. I decided to try my hand on wig making again and wanted to test a new material. You can see the result bellow and after it photos of the process. I already had the line at home and my favorite thing about it is the […]
Madaris’ Art
Been a long time since I posted any of the boys so here is Madaris! On the story he’s an artist who sometimes work with Ajit and has also his own projects. I would love sometime make some sketches like it was his own, it would be fun.
On their story Ajit and Madaris get really into fanwork and fandom since there’s nothing like this on their world. So in the mortal world they end up becoming friends and colaborating because of this. The charms were so cute and tiny that the first thing I thought is that I had to take a […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Baiye by MiracleDoll, body by DZ. ★ Acquired 2015, arrived in 2016. ★ Face-up by me. ★ Wig by ForMyDoll. ★ Clothes by rrabit. Basic ★ Muse ★ Male ★ Around 900 years old ★ Pansexual Stories ★ About ★ ★ Details ★ Inspire erotic and horror themes and feelings ★ Loves to […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Shu by MiracleDoll, body by DZ. ★ Acquired 2015, arrived in 2016. ★ Face-up by me. ★ Wig by Astro Bliss. ★ Clothes by rrabit. Basic ★ Dream ★ Male ★ Amortal ★ Poly Demisexual Stories Coming Soon About ★ ★ Details ★ ★ Characters // ♥44
Technical ★ Sculpt Carter-1 by DollZone ★ Acquired 2015, arrived in 2016. ★ Face-up by me. ★ Wig by M7. ★ Clothes by rrabit, choker by me. Basic ★ Wendigo ★ Male ★ Around 300 years old ★ Demisexual Stories Coming Soon About ★ Has a big sweet tooth. ★ One of the easier ways to […]
Bill Arrival
I forgot to post Bill XD bad flesh giant! I tested him on Lesath body and the skin tone is a perfect match to DZ white. However, I will get him a body in custom skin later on. I also want to decorate him in gold. It was hard to place eyes on him as […]
New Wigs
New wigs I got from kuyashii.dreams on instagram. Like always I like to test them in all the dolls because is fun. I really liked Lesath with the black/red/white wig, maybe is the face-up, but this was actually done for Dante lol However. I’m waiting Bill head arrive and maybe he will get this wig. […]
Trieda & Bean
MSC come to an end but I had enough to finish Little Bean and progress on Trieda. I’m so happy with Trieda color and glad I decided to try it out despise being afraid it could could not work. Now I’m interested in doing something similar on other dolls so I can have a more colorful […]
Look Baby
They are my second couple here and I think they look well together, their contrast is so fun and I’m excited to write about them soon.
Madaris Face-Up
He turned out so cute! Also he’s a Dream now stead of a male version of a swan maiden 🙂
Lesath Final
Lesath with touch ons 🙂
Lesath Face-up
Lesath, he’s a muse who works with horror and erotica. He takes great pleasure mind fucking people around him. I really want to dress him with a suit lol
Ajit Face-Up
Here is some photos of Ajit 🙂 I’m so happy and in love with him. I had planned to take photos of everyone together but didn’t happen. I think he’s looking very sweet 🙂 Posted Saturday on instagram.
Ajit Progress
Friday I started working on Ajit face-up and Saturday I finished sealing him and made a collar for him. I’m really happy how he turned out and it was funny because was completely different how I had planned him to be. I’m still learning how to style his wig but I think match him pretty […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Hid by Dollzone ★ Acquired in 2007, arrived 2008. ★ Face-up by me. ★ Horns made by me. Basic ★ Demon ★ Male ★ Has around 1000 years old ★ Poly Bisexual Stories Coming Soon About ★Likes to act tough but is very sweet with people he cares about, getting out of […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Mytl elf ver. by Luts ★ Acquired and arrived 2015 ★ Face-up by me ★ Wig by Luts ★ Wings by Bambicrony ★ Outfit by cyristinecreations Basic ★ Faery ★ Male ★ Around 500 years old ★ Homosexual ★ Has transparent pink wings Stories Coming Soon About ★ ★ Details nly eat […]
Indra Arrival
I had got late to post Indra arrival on the site and had decided to leave it out, but since I’m reorganizing my social accounts is safer to have all the posts here on the site. I place the original arrival date on the post to not disturb the new posts. Comparison size between Trieda […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Aiden5 by 5StarDoll ★ Acquired and arrived in 2015. ★ Moongrey skin. ★ Face-up by me. ★ Wig by punkmomo. Basic ★ Imp/Wendigo Hybrid ★ Male ★ Around 120 years old ★ Still didn't got interested in anyone Stories Coming Soon About ★ He is shy and insecure, but also gentle and sweet. ★ […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Feilian by Dollzone ★ Acquired and arrived in 2006 ★ Face-up by me ★ Wig Nanidoll, outfit DZ Basic ★ Witch ★ Female ★ Around 400 years old ★ Asexual Stories About ★ She is quiet, reserved, caring and loyal to those she cares. Doesn't open easily to others but at same time she […]
Technical ★ Sculpt Beatrice by Doll Chateau ★ Acquired and arrived in 2015. ★ Face-up/body blush by Doll Chateau. ★ Wig by M7. Basic ★ Will o Wisp ★ Male ★ Around 250 years old ★ Homosexual ★ Partner of Leto (romantic/sexual) Stories Coming Soon About ★ Very sweet and soft-spoken. ★ Likes to collect […]
Ajit, Lesath and Madaris Arrival
My Dollzone and Miracledoll order arrived days ago but it took me time to post here. It was the Baiye and Shu Miracledoll heads, Carte-1 and two DZ 014 bodies. It was to be expected it was a big package, carrying it home was tiring. They were from Jeeryama and they sent them all on […]
Mini Collection
Some of the photos that I end up liking and want to draw based on.
Milo/Necco Faceup
I'm pleased with the result and despise some setbacks I finally got them both done before Christmas. Milo looks sweet and childlike how I imagined him to be, fits his personality very well and I just love the purple tones on him. Bring the blue out even more. Necco end up looking more other than […]
Milo Arrival
Completing the list of tiny BJD that were to arrive, I was able to pick Milo up 11 Nov on the post officer. Sadly he was taxed like the others but it is what it is. Milo is an Aiden 5 by 5StarDolls on moon grey skin, that is a very light blue. The official […]
Necco Arrival
I picked Necco up on 29 and figured I should post his box opening here as well. Necco is Tiny Delf Mytyl elf ver in normal skin. This was the first time getting a BJD from Luts and I’m very pleased with the whole process. The box size was expected and really cute with a […]
Meissa Arrival
I was over excited when I got this one, initially was supposed to be Nehemie and Jeeryama had asked two weeks to ship. Later they informed me they didn’t have Nehemie, but after talking they said they had Beatrice and could send them on the other place. I accepted and I couldn’t be more happy. I […]

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