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Camp Nano + New Story

With Camp Nano right around the corner I have been busy,  I decided to take a new project and have a break from my superhero story that was driving me crazy after 4 drafts.

This camp I will be writing an YA urban fantasy, a departure from my older characters and trying my hand on twisting some tropes that are common on the genre. Basically, the YA urban fantasy novel I want to read.

I still don’t have a title but here we go.

★ Synopsis

Best friends Valentina and Nino, move to their parent hometown after a fire destroy their home. But the change isn’t the only problem that Valentina have to face when her parents stop talking when she is close and Nino start to avoid her.

Set on figuring it out she start to follow Nino and end up lost in a weird building, where she finds a jewelry box their parents had carried out of the fire. Curious, she end up touching it and releasing something from inside, a monster from the glimpse of it. Now she has more to worry than being lonely on the new town.

On the other side Nino is forced to keep a secret, one that makes hard for him to face Valentina. Getting used to the changes would be easier with her by his side, and he have no clue what to do when the town popular couple, Amaranta and Enzo, keep trying to befriend him.

When a supernatural being literally fall on Nino’s lap and demand his to help to return home, Nino knows he’s over his head. But Calisto is not the worst supernatural being to deal with and may be just what he needed to figure his new life out. ★ 

Long, right? But I’m excited to start working on it and make some characters sketch. As a bonus while planning I even figure out how to solve my superhero story. Magical, right?

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