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Slow Week Update!

I got lost on Rock in Rio and didn’t work so much this week. But let’s go with what happened.

I found out I can do 3k+ words per morning with all the intervals, I follow 27min playlists with intervals for water and stretching my legs. So I’m pretty happy with this.

But, and isn’t always a but. I didn’t wrote a lot this week because Rock in Rio and yesterday was my uncle’s birthday.

My current wip is still going. Di have been incredible helpful in developing my universe and I started to get glimpses on how his story is going to end. The sketch for this story is almost done as well and I hope to do 2 more for the book.

Inktober sketches are in progress and they will follow the monster boys romance characters as planned. I’m on Plant Boy right now and he’s adorable, so I started to have ideas for the Faery and how their relationship will be.

The way it’s going I may finish the sketches this week but they will only be posted on October. I have no idea what material I will use yet, I just want to test things and see how they come out.

There’s 2 ship’s wip that I will try to finish this week as well. And I’m thinking of using a blank notebook for the race/group sketches to share information about them in a more dynamic way.

So that would be it for now 🙂 I hope there’s more to share next Sunday.

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