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Lovely Dark And Deep
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Queer Length: 184,000 words Publisher: Less Than Three Press Publication Year: 2015 ISBN: 9781620045947 Wolves, fairies, ghosts, monsters, lost campers, witches… Fiction is rife with tales of what happens to travelers who ignore warnings and venture deep into dark and mysterious woods… and occasionally about what comes out of them. » Before […]
Supernatural ★ Word Count: 148  A Trickster thoughts. Done for the The 11 Sentence Story challenge on DoA. Telling the truth, the trickster knew was like a song. Full of rhythm, words and meaning that could not be taken back. Subject to interpretation and never the same twice. Pranks, pranks where like dancing, with rhythms and different […]
Supernatural ★ Word Count: 317   ★   Trigger: Murder Alia come into her powers and like all Reds is time to get her Wolf. Concept piece that gave origin to Reds novel. Alia is sixteen when she comes home with a boy, Marcus knew this would happen but he still feel his chest tighten. Lucian […]

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