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Weekly Update!

I will start doing a weekly update on writing and art projects every Sunday, as a way to track my progress and share what is going on.

So let's start with writing, you can see the weekly work count with Necco helps. I have been writing the story initiated with the Oracle of Shadow and Light exercise, where I write a short story inspired by a card.

Obviously this one got bigger than expected and still going, I posted a sneak peek when I started on IG and twitter and I will keep doing this with the other cards. The card is Death and The Maiden as you can see.

 The story is about Di, a supernatural lover and ghost hunter wannabe, who finds more than he bargained for in a haunted house. You really need to be careful what you wish for. 

Another writing update is that I have been planing a monster boy romance series. I know, totally unexpected.

Monsters Couples 

Cupid x Reaper

Faery x Plant Boy

Spider Boy x Wendigo

Salamander x Gargoyle

Incubus x Twin Vampires

Mixed Couples 

Demon x Ghost x Angel

Alien x Human

Dragon x Human

Shadow People x Human

Candy Imp x Human

??? Couples 

Vampire x Werewolf 

Unicorn x ??

Phoenix x ??

I have ideas for some couples like the Cupid x Reaper and Incubus x Twin Vampires, but most of it are tentative. I really need a romantic interest for the Unicorn but my mind is totally blank for now lol

My goal is draw this characters on Inktober, I like the idea of doing a chibi series with a touch of colors this year. I think would be fun and maybe I will find the Unicorn partner and story ideas while designing like usual.

Outside of this I have been working on the monster stands series, I did some glitter versions but is more work than worth because of the watercolor, the dark colors started to bleed.

It can be frustrating when this kind of road block happen, I really wanted a glitter stand. I'm sure I can find another option, maybe a spray would work but I got disappointed. I had to take a break from it.

A lot of designs of this series were made specially for it. And my focus always is about doing something cool and cute with traits I like, than biological sense. Magic can open lots of possibilities.

Another series that will be both art and stories is the cat boys and goat boys, or the famous kemonomimi. I will be doing other animals as well, but the cats and goats will come in a batch.

The cats were a long time coming but after I started playing goatling, a cute goat collecting game, I knew I had to add goats as well.

I haven't decided if it will be a kemonomimi world or if they are just part of another universe mixed with other races. The initial idea was very dark, the type of dark I dislike, so I changed and things are getting shape.

While I'm thinking of something witchy for the cats, the goats were inspired by Fauns with a touch of Satyrs. And it will probably have a touch of D/S or A/O/B on it, because I would like to play with this dynamics. But! That can change while writing.

And magical boys are also coming with speed very soon! And may even get BJDs shells!

None of my future projects are set in stone but I will be sharing more details as I work on them 🙂 I'm excited despise the glitter let down, and I hope I can share the results soon.

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